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Profiles of People of World Influence

Washington Diplomacy: Profiles of People of World Influence

This book is a compilation of more than five dozen profiles from the Washington Diplomat. These essays describe the contributions of Joe Biden, Chuck Hagel, Richard Holbrooke, Susan Rice, Jessica Mathews, George Mitchell and dozens other leaders in politics and diplomacy. Each provides insights about international policy and politics. Hagel, now the Secretary of Defense, provides an eloquent introduction.

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"This collection of profiles done by John Shaw for the Washington Diplomat is an important book for anyone who is serious about understanding foreign policy... This book will be on the shelves of those sitting at the controls and levers of foreign policy."
   —Chuck Hagel, Senate Foreign Relations Committee, now Secretary of Defense

"The keen observations of this veteran journalist provide a revealing picture of the character, style, and personality of the 66 people you know, or ought to know, who make Washington's policy wheels turn."
   —Bill Frenzel, former Republican congressman, guest scholar at the Brookings Institution

"A remarkably perceptive observer and gifted writer, John Shaw introduces us to many important people in this informative, highly readable collection of profiles. ...By helping us to better understand the players, Shaw also helps us to better understand the important issues of the day."
   —Walter Cutler, former ambassador, president of Meridian International Center

Agathon Press, hardcover, December 2002, ISBN: 978-0875861616
Algora Publishing, paperback, December 2003, ISBN: 978-0875861609