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The Southern Illinoisan, 12/1/18
John Shaw, director of the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute at SIU Carbondale, is developing a new Statesmanship Initiative for the university.

C-SPAN BookTV, 10/6/18
In Rising Star, Setting Sun, John Shaw recounts the presidential transition between Dwight Eisenhower and John F. Kennedy; from Kennedy's close election victory on November 8, 1960, to his inauguration on January 20, 1961.

Book talk hosted by Bryant Park's Non-Fiction program, 8/1/18
Bryant Park Reading Room

Book talk hosted by the U.S. Senate Library, 6/15/18
U.S. Capitol Visitors Center

WSIU Public Broadcasting's InFocus, 6/13/18
Jennifer Fuller talks with Paul Simon Public Policy Institute Director John Shaw about his new book, Rising Star, Setting Sun: Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, and the Presidential Transition that Changed America.

KPCC, Southern California Public Radio, 5/25/18
"From Eisenhower to Kennedy: What the two presidencies meant for a changing America." AirTalk host Larry Mantle interviews John.

WAMC Northeast Public Radio, 5/18/18
"Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, And The Presidential Transition That Changed America." The Roundtable host Joe Donahue interviews John.

Resurrecting the Past, 4/19/18
A discussion of the perils and possibilities of trying to resurrect the past, drawing from John's 25 years as a Washington, D.C.-based journalist and historian.

WSIU Public Broadcasting's On Topic—Congressional Retirements, 4/13/18
Illinois Lawmakers host Jak Tichneor talks with Paul Simon Public Policy Institute Director, John T. Shaw about the recent slate of congressional retirements.

John on the news

WSIU Public Broadcasting's On Topic—Illinois Polling, 3/5/18
With less than a month to go before Illinois' primary election, WSIU's Jennifer Fuller discusses polling with the director of the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute John T. Shaw.

American Public Television's documentary This is the House that Jack Built, 10/17

Gaia Leadership Sweden—Update on the Trump Administration, 3/13/17
John Shaw, Market News, is interviewed on March 10, 2017, in the Russel Senate Office building in Washington, D.C., by Claes Thorson, Gaia Leadership.

Gaia Leadership Sweden—Reflections on the U.S. Elections, 11/14/16
Gaia Leadership's Claes Thorson had a conversation with experienced journalist John Shaw of Market News in Washington, D.C., about what can be expected of the Trump presidency.

C-SPAN—Budget Deficit Reduction, 10/23/15
John Shaw talked about the budget reconciliation bill being debated in the House, as well upcoming votes on raising the debt ceiling prior to the November 3, 2015, deadline.

C-SPAN—Republican Fiscal Year 2016 Budget Plans, 4/24/15
John Shaw on the House and Senate budget resolutions being debated in Congress that week.

C-SPAN—Congressional Agenda, 3/28/14
John Shaw said the release of Representative Paul Ryan's (R-WI) budget is the "main event" on Capitol Hill. He also talked about Senate efforts on extending unemployment benefits and completing work on the "doc fix" bill.

John on the news

C-SPAN—Congressional Legislative Agenda (5 min) 12/12/13
John Shaw interviewed about the congressional agenda before recessing for the year. Topics include the agreement reached by the Budget Conference Committee chairs and the farm bill.

C-SPAN—This Week in Congress (6 min) 11/12/13
John Shaw previewed the House and Senate agendas for the week.

C-SPAN—JFK in the Senate, 11/7/13
John Shaw talks about his book, JFK in the Senate: Pathway to the Presidency. In the book he recounts John F. Kennedy's as the junior senator from Massachusetts from 1953 to 1960. Mr. Shaw was introduced by former Senator Richard Lugar, who added historical context. This Lugar Diplomacy Institute book launch event was held at the German Marshall Fund in Washington, DC.

C-SPAN—House Spending Bills (5 min) 6/3/13
John Shaw talked about work in the House on annual spending bills.

C-SPAN—Continuing Resolution (3 min) 3/4/13
John Shaw spoke about congressional debate on a continuing resolution to fund government operations.

John on the news

C-SPAN—Congressional Legislative Schedule (3 min) 9/7/12
John Shaw spoke via Skype about what Congress will likely accomplish in the two month period before the November election.

C-SPAN—House Republican Budget Proposal (3 min) 3/20/12
John Shaw talked about the House Republican budget plan for fiscal year 2013.

C-SPAN—Status of the Continuing Resolution (4 min) 2/16/11
John Shaw was interviewed by phone on the status of the House continuing resolution.

C-SPAN—Federal Spending (3 min) 5/21/10
John Shaw spoke about federal spending measures being considered in Congress.

C-SPAN's The Washington Journal Current Events (59 min) 6/10/09
John Shaw responded to telephone calls and electronic communications focused on news of the day and current events.

C-SPAN—$97 Billion Additional War Spending (4 min) 5/13/09
John Shaw reported by phone on upcoming debate on the $97 billion war spending bill.

C-SPAN's Newsmakers: Obama Administration Spending Priorities (30 min) 5/8/09
Christina Romer, chair of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, talked by remote video about the Obama administration's spending priorities and efforts to set the U.S. economy on an even course—including stress tests administered to the nation's largest banks, the $3.4 trillion budget and congressional reaction to it, and war funding. After the interview, the reporters discussed her responses with the host.

C-SPAN's The Washington Journal (52 min) 3/30/09
Telephone lines were open for comments on the government forcing General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner to resign. Throughout the program John Shaw talked about the Obama Administration's proposed fiscal year 2010 budget, congressional Democrats reaction to it, and the Republican budget alternative. He also discussed expected congressional action on the budget in the upcoming week.

C-SPAN—Omnibus Spending Debate (3 min) 3/3/09
John Shaw spoke about the congressional debate over fiscal year 2009 spending measures and the inclusion of earmarks in the bill.

John on the news

C-SPAN's The Washington Journal—Economic Stimulus Proposals (31 min) 1/17/09
John Shaw provided an update on the Obama stimulus package, the stimulus package announced by House Democrats, and recent economic news and developments. He responded to telephone calls and electronic mail.